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“My performing experience as a songwriter comes initially from the streets where buses, restaurants, squares and main roads served as the main stage for earning my living.
My inclination towards guitar came after seeing my father performing J.S. Bach compositions during the early teens of my life. Driven by this passion I secured a place at the conservatory of music in Xalapa city, Mexico.

After nearly four years of classical studies I moved to Mexico City, where I took a year of jazz harmony studies. It was in this city that music technology production rapidly persuaded me, particularly, when I came across to the music-award album OK by Talvin Sing and the new wave of electronic music happening at the time. My first trip to India in 2005 opened the possibility of a new challenge. Soon after this I would have made of London my home.”

Rohini is back on track to continue his studies of music production in the UK, which provided him with confidence as a live sound operator and music producer. 

“Tracing my life back nothing could be of more relevance than the coming across to Aref Durvesh into my path. Coincidentally, my self-given task of building gaiatri singing pipes had been completed. In January 2016 Aref and I recorded the first track featuring only gaiatri singing pipes and tabla together: bliss. Being carried away by the natural flow Aref and I couldn’t stop exploring possibilities, we still can’t. We call this series of work explorers.”

The end of the year 2015 saw the first sonic landscapes event. Rohini’s vision is that of a platform in the form a mobile stage for healing music, sacred chanting and conscious lyricism, offering, so, a shelter for our modern society from their subjective forms of chaos.
By creating sonic landscapes Rohini got closer access to healing instruments and soon he found collaborations from wonderful musicians driven by the same end of bringing relief to our modern society. This is how the inclusion of didgeridoo, gong, homus harp, singing pipes and violin started being part of Rohini’s music production. In order to differentiate from generic styles of music he has called this sonic blend electro-healing.

Rohini takes advantage of his musical heritage and his constant  exposure to cutting-edge music, so, do not be estranged should you find his name on the bill for a dance night or an evening lounge featuring his glamorous dj set.

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