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Gaiatri Singing Pipes is rather a powerful sonic tool. Finely tuned aerospace aluminium pipes mounted on a robust octagonal frame built of selected European oak. Its outstanding long sustain and pure-tone-like qualities, make it effective in the aid of relaxation.

Enhance your yoga practice, amaze your students, treat your members by bringing Gaiatri Singing Pipes live to your sessions.


*Magic Tuning 444 Hz*

In the tuning 528Hz we will find that A4 will vibrate at 444Hz. Gaiatri SP tries and commit between healing tuning and standard tuning (440 Hz).

Another healing vibration smuggled within Gaiatri SP is the note G4, which, vibrates at 396 Hz. The very famous 528 Hz lives in the note C5 in order to keep a balance between standard and alternative tuning. This makes Gaiatri SP a healing sonic tool capable of featuring in a musical 440 Hz standard tuning context. 

*Pure tones help us to relax*

Another wonderful, blissful property of Gaiatri SP is its outstanding sustain in the form of pure tone. When you hit a note on Gaiatri SP, the immediate sonic reaction is the soft appearance of the natural harmonic series, (being the octave above the only one still showing up in our spectrum analyzer), however, they disappear as soon as the attack is gone, remaining only its pure tone vibration lasting for up to 60 seconds, causing so a very soothing effect on us.

Ajna Light + Gaiatri Singing Pipes @ Sonic Landscapes (The Hive Dalston Dec 2015)
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